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Monday Links: The Day Before Meaningless Games Edition

Real hockey is... almost here.

Blues News

  • 6-foot-7 Brett Ponich will report to the Rivermen following training camp. [P-D]
  • Get to know the most caring man, Kent Huskins. [P-D]
  • Your preview for tomorrow's pre-season game against Tampa Bay. [Blues]
  • E.J. Hradek picks the Blues as his dark horse team. Dan Rosen, funnily enough, selects the Avs as his. [NHL]

NHL/Hockey News

  • New throwback thirds for the Senators and Leafs. What do you think? [Icethetics]
  • Kings GM Dean Lombardi is a big dummy. [Puck Daddy]
  • The pre-season starts today for some teams around the league, most notable is the match-up between Toronto and Ottawa. [TSN]
  • The big-toothed cat teams will play a double-header today, a first for the NHL. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Former Blue Mike Danton saved his teammate's life after his teammate had a seizure. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jagr hopes to make a positive impact on his return to the NHL. [NHL]
  • Hockey fever continues to grow in Winnipeg with training camp. [NHL]
  • Marc Staal is being slowed down by a pesky concussion. [New York Post]

Other Stuff

Monday Video

The Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City back on August 30th and the Foo Fighters had the proper retort.

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