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Friday Links: TGIFU Friday Edition

Peek - a - boo! Here I am!
Peek - a - boo! Here I am!

What. A. Week. Whatever, it gets us closer to hockey.

Blues News:

  • I could embed this video in a section below, but then there would be nothing to put here. Tarasenko makes it look so damn easy. [YouTube]

Hockey News:

  • Not sure how to give an introduction to this article. Read it. "Fighting Darkness and the Game We Love" [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Boogaard's brain will be examined for signs and symptoms of degenerative brain conditions. [CBC] 
  • His leg may be amputated, but this military vet still plays hockey. [THN]
  • Puck Daddy has started its annual preview of all the teams, starting with the Ducks. It's not worth linking each new preview, but Emilio Estevez's picture is hidden in an image and Lethal Weapon 3 is mentioned in the Ducks' preview. [PD]
  • How did each team get its name? Find out here! It's a little outdated, you'll see why. [SportsNet]
  • I'm pretty excited for New York Fashion Week, and so is . . . Brad Richards[NY Rangers Blog]

Other Stuff:

  • There are no scores or levels on this site allowing you to pop the balloons at your leisure, or angry fervor. [box of chocolates]
  • Anger subsiding? Start giggling at some of these photos of celebrities when they were young. George Clooney at 15? [buzz feed]
  • Now, passive aggressively spam every email/twitter list you have with this handy dandy spelling aide flow chart. You can be just like Ann. [The Oatmeal]


Feeling better? Good. Dance.

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