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Mike Danton Blogs/Saves Lives

Mike Danton, former Blue, former murder-for-hire convict, former sad story turned hopeful story, saves a life then blogs about it.

This guy is incredible in every way. Incredibly sad, incredibly hopeful, incredible newsworthy. What do you all think are the odds he'll blog for us?

But on to the real story: Mike Jefferson becomes Mike Danton, becomes NHL player, then becomes a St. Louis Blues player. He becomes an alleged criminal, a convicted criminal, a sad story, a convict, a Canadian convict, an ex-convict, a college student, a collegiate hockey player, a collegiate hockey champion, an international hockey player, an international hockey player who saves the life of a teammate. He then credits a collegiate course he took for saving the life of said hockey player.

A collegiate course he never would have taken if he hadn't gone to prison previously for attempting to have someone killed while he was a member of the St. Louis Blues.

This guy is clearly on his way to becoming a movie, right?

Read his blog here and tell us what you think about how the universe works in the comments.