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Bolts @ Blues - Hockey Is Back? GDT

Today is Sept. 20, 2011. There is hockey tonight in St. Louis. It's preseason at regular season prices, but it's still hockey.

Look, I don't have much to say in this space. The game doesn't count in the standings. I haven't gone to the trouble of looking up the lineups. The only thing to play for is to make the team and not get hurt doing it. But like I said, it's hockey.

If you'd like to see the game, go to the game. No television broadcast. And no KMOX coverage. But being the resourceful little monkeys that hang out on Twitter that we are, we've seen reports that a station in Florida will have a radio broadcast. Maybe if KMOX hadn't lured the Cardinals back this season, we might be hearing Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase instead. Alas.

We haven't done one of these things for real since April. I'm sure your comedic chops are a little rusty. Maybe you forgot where the hyperlink is to puppies running through the house or a guy so mad he's using a cactus as a weapon. Consider this a practice GDT. The game don't count, so this game day thread is just a warmup. Don't want to pull a sarcastic muscle opening night. Get warmed up and comment like your ass is headed to Peoria if you aren't funny.