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Wednesday Links: Back in the Habit Edition

Move over T.J. Oshie, there's a new potential mayoral candidate in town.
Move over T.J. Oshie, there's a new potential mayoral candidate in town.

Well, how do you feel? A game situation practice isn't the easiest thing to watch from a fan perspective, but being able to project what the guys can do is pretty awesome. But it's good, I'm happy.

B-Rad had a crazy last minute work schedule change; send him caffeine today.

Blues News:

  • Russians for President! [Washington Post]
  • One day, I won't call him Billy Elliot. [P-D]
  • The guys behind Halak's new mask. [BND]
  • A lightning fast summary and preview of the series with Tampa Bay. [SBNation]

Hockey News:

  • The only thing that could make Varlamov's save on Duchene better is if Varly broke out "BANG, BANG, BANGITY BANG." [Puck Daddy]
  • Where is Columbus getting all of this money? And are they hiring? [CBC]
  • For all of the people that remember Kevin "Killer" Kaminski, and for those who don't. [OFB]
  • Marc Staal has post concussion symptoms. Shit, man. [NY Post]
  • Down Goes Brown reads my mind. Ban. The. Wave. [DGB]
  • [he couldn't retire 10 minutes earlier so I didn't had to do this edit note.] Mike Modano retired via Facebook. [FB]

Other Stuff:

  • Mr. Particle sent in both of this links. The first Star Wars remix. Perfect, because every sandwich I eat I turn it into the Bat Signal. [Star Wars Remix]
  • Sharpy art on styrofoam cups. [Wild Ammo]


William Shatner sees your Star Wars and raises you THE BEST SCI-FI SERIES IN THE HISTORY OF EVER.

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Yes, the title is a nod to Sister Act 2.