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Germany or Florida? Blues travel to Orlando to play Tampa GDT

Those of you who were fans of the Adam Corolla-era Loveline show know what that headline means. Those of you who don't get it, the premise is this: If you read any random wacky white trash story that includes street drugs, domestic abuse, vicious dogs or the like, it will most likely have taken place in either Germany or Florida. Furthermore, if you read the story to a friend and leave out any identifying details, it is virtually impossible to determine whether it took place in Germany or Florida.

Unless, of course, the story is about someone being held for years as a sex slave in some sort of dungeon. Because that's almost always Germany.

The Blues tonight will play game two of the pre-season in the land of strip malls, attack dogs, a popular radio host known as Bubba The Love Sponge and the home of the majority of the trashiest episodes of COPS in that show's history. Ah, Orlando.

It's preseason, so let's not read too much into it, but it was nice to see a guy like Evgeny Grachev score last night (and add an empty netter) as well as to get solid play from potential backup netminder Brian Elliott. Tonight will be Ben Bishop's chance to shine in net and try to win the coveted job as the guy behind the guy, Jaroslav Halak. The roster (available here) also includes plenty of youngsters who are looking to impress for the future, but also NHLers Chris Stewart, Patrik Berglund, Andy McDonald, Alex Pietrangelo and Barret Jackman.

You can't watch it on TV, but you can hear the home team's feed here. We'll post it here. This, of course, is your preseason GDT, so treat it like the crash pad that it is.