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Wild @ Blues, Another Practice GDT

The Blues are 2-0 in the preseason! Everything is coming together! Right now, I think we're contenders! For the preseason Stanley Cup!

Ok, fine. It's alright to get a little excited about two wins and no losses right now. Just a little. Don't go overboard. These games still have too many players who won't sniff the NHL this year. The motivation for some of these guys isn't there. So relax and enjoy these games as they are: mindless entertainment with lots of noise signifying nothing.

The Lightning, by all accounts, dressed a strong lineup Wednesday night. And the Blues still won 4-3 with Ben Bishop in net. So Brian Elliott, you got competition, brother. Don't let up.

And speaking of things not letting up, did a baseball guy make this preseason schedule? An off night wouldn't be a bad thing. Plus we're having to write more shit here at Game Time. Let us get warmed up too. Don't act like it's February and the Blues have to make up a bunch of November nights off.

If you aren't going to the game this evening (good tickets...still available!) this one and one more exhibition will be on the mothership, KMOX. So enjoy some Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase and drop some comments off at the pool here. Still plenty of time to get worked into regular season form. Bring the funny. And comment like the regular season starts tonight.