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F-You, Friday

It's been a long week, friend, and you look like you need to get something off your chest before you get to Friday evening shenanigans.

Am I right? Well, first of all, you gotta listen to me bitch, and then I'll listen to you complain.

Fuck you, racist idiot. You had enough racist forethought to bring a banana to a game and then waited for the perfect moment to whip it at a guy? What a dick. While there may be no legal recourse for this, I hope someone in the crowd fed that guy a mouthful of knuckles.

Fuck you, EA Sports NHL12. The constant dropping connection of games in progress is bullshit. This actually isn't my own experience, I just keep seeing this driving @nathankwarta batshit crazy and thought I'd throw it out there.

Fuck you, ownership situation. I know the guy from Calgary said all the right things to the media this week and is clearly trying to pressure Dave Checketts and his group into accepting an offer, and I know that this story makes Checketts look like the bad guy. But holy shit did everyone turn on the guy who was the most-loved owner in town and in recent team history. I don't know enough about the negotiations (and neither does anyone else, really) to say who is being a jackass, if anyone, in this deal. My guess is that Max and Dave are both negotiating to get the best deal possible.

No one wants a solid ownership group for the Blues more than we fans do, but can't we all agree to wait until the deal is done before we threaten the current owners with bodily harm? These guys brought our franchise back from ruin and made it respectable on the ice and off. The future is bright because of the decisions they made in the front office. Let's try to remember that before we lose our minds because the guy from Canada has a good PR session with the local paper.

Fuck you, preseason. Enough, already. Let's get to some shit that counts.

Alright, complainers, you listened to me, now you get to go off....