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Saturday Links: *Blows Whistle* AGAIN Edition

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Man, all of these preseason games in a row are crazy. Just like Coach Herb Brooks and his millions of sprints to make Team USA, TEAM USA.

Blues News:

  • Jake Allen! This article will also be known as why can't I find these articles the morning they are published? [Post Dispatch]
  • It's early, and the most earth shattering (oh, hi defunct satellite!) piece of information in JR's summary of last nights game is that EJ is 10 pounds lighter and has shorter hair. Everything else [Grachev and Allen being fantastic] isn't news. [Post Dispatch]

  • Today's young gun is Alex Pietrangelo! [Post Dispatch]

  • So, no one knows who Max Chambers is or anything about his company. Good thing SLGT readers like to research things and find out the truth. Tonto, jump on it! [The Globe and Mail]

Hockey News:

  • I don't want the shootout to stay, but this trickshot is pretty sweet. [Puck Daddy]
  • Aw. Manny Legace got cut from the Canucks. [CBC]
  • How waivers work in the middle of the preseason by looking at the Penguins situation. Any players you'd pick up if they hit waivers? [PensBurgh]
  • Are the Blue Jacket's efforts in the offseason enough to contend for the playoffs? The general consensus is "they have a better chance than any other team in Ohio." [The Hockey Writers]
  • This KHL team continues to fight everything that comes near them. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • This should be made for breakfast tomorrow morning with BACON. [Joy the Baker]
  • You could follow brunch with glowing alcoholic drinks. Done and done. [Drink of the Week]
  • So, your belly's full of BACON and sweet, delicious bread and you have a glowing beverage in your hand. What could possibly make this better? The best Simpsons clips ever. [Wired]


Kids are strange. And by strange, I mean odd. I mean, as long as it's sparkly.

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