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Tuesday Links: I.R. Nichol Edition

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Blues News

  • Blues and Wild hook up tonight in St. Paul for some fake hockey. With all of the roster cuts, this game should be more interesting to check out. [Blues]
  • Scott Nichol should be ready soon. He has yet to play in the pre-season as he recovers from a torn labrum on his left shoulder. [P-D]
  • Thanks to said roster cuts, the Rivermen are finally starting to assemble their team. Here are your Rivermen Camp notes from day one. [Rivermen Blog]
  • The Blues Owner: International Man of Mystery. [Globe and Mail]

NHL/Hockey News

  • What happens on the ice, no longer stays on the ice. The reality of the rink strikes again with an incident involving Wayne Simmonds and Sean Avery. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tom Sestito is going to get Shanahammered. [Puck Daddy]
  • The NFL needs its own Shanahan. [CBS Sports]
  • You can throw the loudest party ever, as long as you have the Stanley Cup in the building. [USA Today]
  • New feature on your top ten stories on Tuesday. Lots of Ts. [NHL]
  • The Winter Classic is a thing that is happening. [NHL]
  • Around the NHL pre-season, featuring a Flyers-Rangers tilt with 77 penalty minutes and a Jets game at their AHL affiliate's new arena in Newfoundland. [Washington Post]

Other Stuff

Tuesday Video


St. Louis "Ram Rules" Round Two from on Vimeo.

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