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Wednesday Links: Scott Nichol Is Interrupting Your Poop Edition

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Things that are good: the Blues and Cardinals winning on the same day. Things that are bad: Andy Strickland, shartsBob Cassilly dying, Bud Light Lime, the Central Division teams not in St. Louis and Dan O'Fucking Neill writing leads.

Blues News

  • Blues beat the Wilds in an almost-real hockey game. The best Nichol puns in the comments will get a sixpence. [Blues]
  • So good, it's links headline worthy!: "Scott Nichol is... a shift-disturber." C wut he did thar? [P-D]
  • Joe Thornton reacts to Perron's return. Ain't much. [P-D]
  • Youth: bank on it. It's behind on payments and could foreclose in the coming seasons, but yeah... bank. [Southeast Missourian]
  • Day two of Rivermen training camp: be about it. [Rivermen Blog]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Today's BFD: Wayne Simmonds will receive no punishment for his alleged homophobic slur used against chronic d-bag Sean Avery. GLAAD will be up Simmonds' ass all season. Thanks, I'll be here tomorrow. [USA Today]
  • Kansas City puckheads packed the Sprint Center to create the largest crowd ever to watch a hockey game in Kansas City, but don't expect a team to land there anytime soon. [Kansas City Star]
  • The Sharks heart Shanahan. They mostly love him because Thornton would've gotten more games if he had hit Perron this season, rather than last season. "That's great." Pffft, eat shit. [San Jose Mercury]
  • The Buffalo Sabres are not as sure of Shanny. The F.N. Center is effin' mad, bro. [Buffalo News]
  • MORE SHANAHANIGANS: Jean-Francois Jacques of the Ducks is suspended for the remainder of the pre-season and 5 regular season games. There have been a lot of suspension videos this pre-season and it definitely shows when Shanahan speaks. Dude's gettin' worn out. [Puck Daddy]
  • Drew Doughty still isn't signed and while the Kings' front office won't be changing their offer, they desire a resolution. I mean, can you blame them? They already offered him so much money. Were we all this stupid at 21? [LA Times]
  • How to draft well for your shitty fantasy league. [Down Goes Brown]

Other Stuff

  • 6 arcade cabinets that were too fucking awesome to be released in the West. [Cracked]
  • Amazing ad placements. [Funny or Die]
  • Don Draper pitches the new Facebook Timeline. There's your daily Jon Hamm boner. [Buzzfeed]

Wednesday Video

A bunch of teenagers got in a pool and make a water show with Super Soakers because their parents don't love them enough. But seriously... super cool.

Happy Birthday to my older brother. You fuckin' dicknose.

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