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Five Questions With Blues Organist Jeremy Boyer

Jeremy Boyer plays the organ at his perch in the Top Shelf area of Scottrade Center.
Jeremy Boyer plays the organ at his perch in the Top Shelf area of Scottrade Center.

This is the first in a series of stories where we've asked well-known Blues fans around St. Louis five quick and easy questions about the team and their background as a fan. 

You may know him as the guy who often wears a black tuxedo to Blues games so he can entertain you during stoppages in play and when the ice is getting scraped. You may also know him as the star of this YouTube video.

Jeremy Boyer is the organist for Scottrade Center, but has also played at Busch Stadium, for Southeast Missouri State University games, in Memphis for the minor league Redbirds and in Kansas City for the almost minor league Royals. Oh, and he does some work in church too. 

He's the first kind of well known person around town that we're running with answers to five questions about the team and being a fan. He runs first because he responded first. 

Q. How long have you followed the Blues and what made you a fan?

A. I've followed the Blues for as long as I can remember. I was 8 years old when Brett Hull was traded to the Blues, and I was fortunate to get to follow him from that time until I graduated high school. I'm sure that had a big part in it.

Q. Who is your all-time favorite Blues player and why?

A. Wow, this one is a tough one for me. Obviously, Brett Hull is one of my all-time favorite players. However, the fact that he won a cup with the Stars and Red Wings diminishes that a bit. I liked Brendan Shanahan too, although he won multiple cups for the Red Wings, which also sucked. Pronger, MacInnis and CuJo were all favorites as well when they played for the Blues. And even though most Blues fans hate Gretzky for not re-signing with the Blues, I loved watching every one of the 31 games Gretzky played with the Note. How cool was it to see the greatest player in NHL history put on the Blue Note? The guy did score 37 points in 31 games; not too shabby!

Q. What makes you optimistic about the upcoming season?

A.Three things. 1.) Jaroslav Halak was under a lot of pressure last season to be super man in every game. He was expected to make up for all the team's flaws. Whether it was inexperience or injuries, everyone looked to Halak to put the team on his back and carry them. And he did in a couple stretches of the season. But, now that he's been there and done that, I expect him to come back this season very hungry and determined to be one of the best goalies in the Western Conference. 2.) David Backes. I think Backes is a tone setter on and off the ice. I think the younger players can look up to him and the older players will respect him. 3.) A new owner. The Blues have a LOT of cap space! Could we get a new owner who is willing to fill some of that space and add some mid-season acquisitions that help the team make a deep run in the playoffs? We'll see!

Q. What worries you about the upcoming season?

A. Injuries. Seriously...could we have just one season where half our lineup isn't decimated with costly injuries? Maybe some other rival team in the Central Division could take our place this season and catch the injury bug instead of us!

Q. If the Blues win a Stanley Cup some day, how will you celebrate?

A. I'd play "When the Blues Go Marching In" all the way down Market Street in the Championship Parade!!!


Thanks for the time, Jeremy. You can follow him on Twitter as well as listen to his melodic stylings on the organ.