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Pay It Forward NHL Style: What Will Avery Do (WWAD)?

Bad ju-ju is being paid forward around the NHL. Avery is up next - what is he gonna do?
Bad ju-ju is being paid forward around the NHL. Avery is up next - what is he gonna do?

I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop for over a day now, but I guess the hockey gods are gonna make us wait for it. First some imbecile throws a banana at Wayne Simmonds during a shootout attempt. Simmonds pays it forward (backwards?) by calling Sean Avery a homophobic epithet during his next game (yes you did, Wayne, even if the NHL front office is full of the worst lip-readers since my mother: "I think he said something about flocking fraggles").

So, clearly, Avery is going to do something bad, and soon. 

But what, Avery? WHAT? The suspense, frankly, is killing me. He's called dude's girlfriends 'sloppy seconds'. He has been such a douche on the ice that the NHL made a rule to make him stop bothering goalies DURING the playoffs (has the NHL ever moved that fast on anything before?). He has rubbed everyone the wrong way for as long as he has been in the NHL.

I don't know what the guy is going to do, but clearly the cosmos will compel him to do something stupid to deflect attention away from Simmonds' idiotic remark.

Racism and anti-gay are already off the table now, so it really limits what he can do. It can't be ageism, because no one really cares if you make fun of the elderly (plus, most of those old bastards can't hear your stupid crack anyway). Sexism isn't going to get it done, because making fun of women while you're on the ice will only bring laughs anyway (You know what I told your wife with two black eyes? Haha, nice try, Avery, you dummy.)

Maybe he'll have to go after the mentally challenged to get people's blood boiling. You're really not supposed to say 'retarded' anymore. Unless, of course, you have a Boston accent, in which case it seems to be OK (Thayat sayndwich was wicked retahded guhud, rite, Tohmmy?).

I guess I just don't what Avery is going to do. It'll be awesome, though, I'm sure. Any ideas, GTers? Seriously, I have to know, WWAD to pay this backwards? Your theories in the comments, if you please.