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Thursday Links: All Shanahan, All the Time Edition

Also, Card'nals nummah one teem in da who' urf.

Blues News

  • Jason Arnott had a cataract removed from his eye successfully and will be sidelined for 7 days. [Blues]
  • Who will take the final two spots at forward? [SBN STL]
  • The goalies down in Peoria go up against white pucks on the third day of Rivermen training camp. [Rivermen Blog]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Brendan Shanahan is really sick of saying his name and title and, as I noted yesterday, you can tell. The Blues' former sax player/Flintstones voice actor sat down with Wysh to talk about his videos. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of Shanahan videos, Tom Sestito is suspended. [NHL]
  • Here are all your current suspensions thus far (and we're not even in the regular season yet). [USA Today]
  • Seriously, a grand majority of news articles I find are about Shanahan. It's the pre-season. NY Times, what kind of love do you have to show? [New York Times]
  • A Twitter account that you should follow. [@ShanaBan]
  • Player numbers are rumored to be put on the front of helmets this season. If that's the case, that's fucking stupid. [Puck Daddy]
  • A man has been charged in the Wayne Simmonds banana-throwing incident and, boy, does he look like a douche with a capital BAG. [NHL]
  • Stop me if you've heard this before, but there's this trend, see, of NHL teams promoting coaches from the AHL. I know, right? Weird. [TSN]
  • As the Jets continue to play this pre-season, one has to wonder whether or not they'll actually wear their blue uniforms. Oh, and our old friend Chris Mason backstopped them to a 3-1 win. [TSN]
  • With the pre-season almost over, the Jets' defensive pairings are up in the air. Who will make the cut? [Toronto Sun]
  • A special look at the seven European teams that the NHL clubs will be taking on during the NHL Premiere Tour. Christian Backman sighting! [NHL]
  • Ha! Leafs... playoffs. Ha, I say! [Washington Post]
  • More anti-Kansas City bloggerings. [The Province]
  • Gallagher noted last night that something is going to happen to Sean Avery. THN thinks that he's going to go to the AHL to join Wade Redden. [The Hockey News]

Other Stuff

  • More inappropriate sports photos! [Ego TV]
  • Some of the worst seats in sports stadiums across the world. Share some of yours if you have any. For me, it'll always be the obstructed section AA at the Ice Box in Lincoln, Nebraska. Go Stars. [Mole Empire]
  • I'm a frequent user of this website. I use it to drive home really annoying points. [Big Ass Message]

Thursday Video(s)


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