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Saturday Links: SLGT in the Baconater Edition

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Brad Lee wants everyone to know that today is International BACON Day.

Blues News:

  • Don't forget the Retro GDT tonight. Previews at 6:30, the show at 7. Central time.

Hockey News:

  • Bourne talks motivation. [Puck Daddy]
  • Alex Ovechkin has a press conference this week and the subject is supposed to be a secret. Perhaps secret means something entirely different in Russia. So glad he wasn't working on the Manhattan Project. [Capitals Insider]
  • Complete your fantasy hockey league with the best goalie on paper, Pekka Rinne!! [Puck Daddy]
  • Oh boy. Byfuglien might have a little problem with crossing the boarder after his recent arrest. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's the end of the world! The Wings have a presenting sponsor in Amway meaning the two logos will be attached forever. I disapprove of the union. [Detroit Free Press]

Other Stuff:

  • Save your tasty BLT from evil office food scavengers. [perpetual kid]
  • Write BACON on your toast . . . pending actual invention of this concept.  [Yanko Design]
  • There is a lot of BACON in this BACON burger. It's a great addition to any cook out. [recipe girl]
  • Maybe Mike Pelfrey's lotion is BACON flavored. [Big League Stew]


Let's all be Dolly Parton for Halloween. 

gametimelinks [at]

I need hockey for my sanity. Come on October!