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Road Music: 01/19 @ Boston Bruins

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Since absolutely nobody spoke up in the comments in favor of watching a losing game to the Minnesota Wild, I'm calling shenanigans on the poll and going with the consensus pick - Blues @ Bruins from 01/19/2009. It's like there was some sort of grand conspiracy, although I can't prove it.

This Boston team has been the class of the league from the get-go. Their record of 33-8-4 leads the Eastern Conference and sets them as THE team to beat. Few have. Although out with mono now, Phil Kessel went on an 18-game point streak earlier in the season. In Dec/Jan the team won 10 games in a row. They just keep winning. They're like evil mutants, bent on world domination.

The Blues come into this game with a record of 17-23-4, for a total of 38 points in the standings. They're missing Paul Kariya (hip surgery), Andy McDonald (broken leg), and just lost Roman Polak (broken foot) in the previous game. Not to mention Erik Johnson (golf cart) and his lost season. Since December began, they've only won one road game, and lost nine. There's not much to get excited about here. It's like a dreary repressed western town that's outlawed dancing.

Footloose (Live) / Bacon Brothers

Bottom line, this is a match up that the Bruins could be excused for taking lightly. For the Bruins, it's like an open-and-shut case that the system wants done with, handed to you on a silver platter. If the Blues don't get off to a good start, it will take a heroic effort to cobble together a victory and return home.

And to finish off our tribute to all things Bacon, here's one of my all-time favorites. I always look for a reason to show this. Our friends at Pension Plan Puppets produced a song called "Bacon Yada". Here it is, edited with choice Leaf scenes (including our own Carlo Colaiacovo). The lyrics are in the "show more" tab. Bonus points for knowing what "Tlusty's Not Safe For Work" is all about.

Bacon Yada: A Tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs (via claudvandamn)


This is your pre-game pre-party. Gather here, share bacon recipies, Bacon movies, and the rest. The GDT will post at 6:30 St Louis time; we'll synchronize our watches and get the show going around 7:00. The broadcast is on Hulu. Here's your Link: Blues @ Bruins 01/19/2009