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Five Questions With Blues In-Game Host Angella Sharpe

Blues in-game host Angella Sharpe doesn't completely hate us. Most of the time.
Blues in-game host Angella Sharpe doesn't completely hate us. Most of the time.

This is another in a series of five questions and answers about the Blues from well-known people around St. Louis.

You may know her as the woman who talks to fans and gives them prizes during commercials and intermissions at Blues games. Or you may remember her from the dearly departed Fan Show on KPLR-TV. You might recognize her from line dancing on the country music show Saturday nights on KMOV-TV. But did you know Angella Sharpe is a video blogger now? Here, look:

When we write jokes for the Game Time paper that we sell outside Blues home games, we can sometimes make jokes at her expense. Ok, often. She's a good sport about it. Most of the time. We hope. She was kind enough to answer our five questions.

Q. How long have you followed the Blues and what made you a fan?
A. When I was a very little girl I would press my nose through the fence at the Kirkwood rink (It was an outdoor rink back then) and watched my grandfather play goalie. He actually played with Sid Salomon Jr. Pretty easy to be a Blues Fan :) I went to games and learned the rules pretty early in life.

Q. Who is your all-time favorite Blues player and why?
A. Hull - easy, hands down. I loved him as a player when I was younger. I met him once when I was pretty young and that picture hung in my bedroom for years! How can you not love Hull? - his straight forward answers in interviews paired with his talent made him pretty phenomenal.

Q. What makes you optimistic about the upcoming season?
A. Everything - I liked the core group of players we had last year and I liked how we added some experience in the off season. Plus having Perron working on getting back and a healthy McDonald, gives us good reason to yell "Lets Go Blues" !

Q. What worries you about the upcoming season?
A. You can't start with worries....LGB!

Q. If the Blues win a Stanley Cup some day, how will you celebrate?
A. What is this "if" stuff. remember "Don't Stop Believing" :)

Thanks for the time, Angella. Follow her on Twitter to find out what she's up to and when she has another video blog.