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Sunday Links: And Sunday Comes After . . . Wards Edition

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Haha. His name is Butt. This is some form of hockey.
Haha. His name is Butt. This is some form of hockey.

Blues News:

  • Armstrong made the point last year - "if you don't live up to your potential, you're gone." He's sticking with that philosophy. [PD]
  • Crombeen and Jackman give back to the people of the city. [Blues]

Hockey Stuff:

  • Some fun over at BoC - a few SB Nation hockey site's logos re-imagined as horrendous cartoons. I hope the future St. Louis one has superheroes and puppies. [BOC]
  • Since the Blues are in need of a captain, is it a good idea to hope your shining star grows into the role or pick an established player? [lighthouse hockey]
  • Silly "predictions" for the first quarter of hockey. [Puck Daddy]
  • Goodie. More Jets news. Revealing the Jersey some time. Woo hoo. [digital journal]

Other Stuff: 

  • Not silly, this article divulges the strange writing habits of famous writers. [flavor wire]
  • Ask a ninja. Oh, waste all of your drunken holiday watching this crazy fool. IT IS AWESOME [Ask A Ninja]
  • Nifty, old school post-its. You know, I invented the glue on the back of the post-it. [thinkgeek]


The ninja [from up there ^] reviews Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I haven't seen it, so I found this very helpful.

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