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Monday Links: Labor Daybor Open Thread

Happy Labor Day to all. I hope you're all out there spending the day not working and relaxing. Hell, if you're on this site, then you're doing Labor Day wrong. Some quick hits if you feel like being lame:

  • Jamie Langenbrunner threw out the first pitch at the Cardinals game yesterday. The Cardinals thanked Jamie by losing. Stick a fork in 'em, coach. They're done. [Blues]
  • Fantasy Hockey (ugh) season is approaching. Which Blues should be on your team? All the names that you would expect are here. Backes tops the list, followed by Stewart, Pietrangelo, Berglund, Halak, MacDonald, D'Agostini, Steen, Oshie and Shattenkirk. [SB Nation]
  • The Battle of Cali did a cartoon version of an SB Nation blog for St. Louis, but it wasn't Game Time. I wanted to see an MSPaint version of that pissed off dude up there, so I want my money back. [BoC]

Now, go celebrate your time off. Play some street puck or something.

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