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Tuesday Links: Fisticuffs, We Hardly Knew Ye Edition

If you've got a copy of this year's USA Hockey rule & case book, you'll notice a subtle difference. "Fisticuffs" became "fighting." Now, "fighting" may vanish altogether. I found article upon article on banning fighting following this tragic off-season last night and I was quite shocked at the verbose, knee-jerk reactions of sportswriters. Debate about it in the comments or something.

Blues News

NHL/Hockey News

  • Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is seriously injured following an accident while riding his bike. [NHL]
  • Jets reveal their uniforms today at 11 AM central. Lower your expectations. [Icethetics]
  • Maxime Talbot talks about his jump to the rival Flyers from Pittsburgh, where he was a fan favorite and Game 7 hero. [NHL]
  • Vancouver is blaming the NHL for the riots now. I couldn't hate the city of Vancouver any more than I do right now. [Puck Daddy]
  • A 10-day hockey game is one for the Guinness Book of World Records and the cystic fibrosis research fund. Hats off to these women! [Puck Daddy]
  • You may have heard that the Islanders are adding a tattoo parlor to Nassau Colosseum. It's now called "Tattoo Lou's," but it's still a bad idea. [USA Today]
  • "Stop the fighting, people are dying." Blahblah. [Beaver County Times]
  • "No, seriously, ban fighting. Oui oui." Blahblah. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Which members of the Lightning will step up to their GM's challenge? Stevie Y wants them all to wear visors next season. [Raw Charge]
  • A smattering of news from around the NHL, mostly centering around the unfinished free agent signings that have baffled fans and GMs all summer. [Toronto Star]
  • The Hurricanes are practicing with special glasses and hope to become X-Men. [Rotoworld]

Other Stuff

  • Trash talking kicks ass. [Cracked]
  • With college starting up across America, it's time for those of you hitting the quad to read this guide on people you meet. [Funny or Die]
  • The Anti-Procrastination Huskie. [JPGdump]

Tuesday Video

All hail "Desmond, the Moon Bear."


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