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Friday Links: "C" What I Did There Edition

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Fans can no longer go on and on about Backes not being captain, because now... he is. Another, infinitely less-important Blues vacancy will be filled tonight as the Ice Crew looks to replace me. I hope it's someone I know so I can heckle the shit out of them when I return for the holidays.

Blues News

  • Inglorious Backes is your 20th Blues captain. Langenbrunner, Steen, Jackman and Andy Mac will be the alternates. [Blues]
  • SBN St. Louis remembers Pavol Demitra. [SBN STL]

NHL/Hockey News

  • The Blues prospects will be facing the Rangers prospects in the Traverse City tournament this Saturday at 7 PM EST and you can watch the action on NHL Network! [NHL]
  • A brief history of hockey and its evolution since the lockout. Will all the tragedy this summer set it back? [Cornell Daily Sun]
  • You know that Backes is captain, but did you know that Kyle Wellwood is going to Winnipeg or that Chicago acquired the rights to the younger Toews? Well, now you do. [USA Today]
  • The Florida Panthers and their revamped roster are looking to charge up the standings this season. [The Rat Trick]
  • If it wasn't apparent enough, it's going to be tough moving on from this off-season for the NHL. [North Jersey]
  • From hildy, ESPN doesn't care about people dying. [Thrashing the Blues]
  • The Dynamo Minsk, the opponents of the Lokomotiv Thursday night, hit the ice. Not for a game, but for a funeral. Absolutely chilling and heartbreaking. [Puck Daddy]
  • Another NHL enforcer, Todd Fedoruk, is dealing with drug abuse. [AP]

Other Stuff

  • "Brilliantly smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs." [Happy Place]
  • Michael J. Fox showed up on Letterman last night to promote the BttF shoes I linked yesterday. Proceeds will go to his Parkinson's foundation. [CBS]
  • Wanna get doooooown? [Craigslist Kansas City] <-please click this link; it is so funny.

Friday Video

Who doesn't like a good mash-up? Pink Floyd vs. the Bee Gees brings you "Stayin' Alive In the Wall."

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