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Tuesday Links: Same Halak Time, Same Halak Channel Edition

There's only one storyline entering tonight's game with the streaking Montreal Canadiens and that's Jaroslav Halak's first return trip since being dealt to St. Louis. In my daily search for Blues articles, it was all Halak, so Halak is what you get. Good on The Cock for starting him tonight, despite Elliott's shutout win Saturday night, and acknowledging his importance to the Montreal faithful.

Blues Halak News

NHL/Hockey News

  • Thanks to CCR for Tweeting this one: an interesting read on the wild life that is the KHL. [The Star]
  • With a three-way tie in the standings, the Central Division is clearly the best division in hockey. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Brad Marchand has been suspended 5 games for his low-bridge hit vs. Vancouver on Saturday. [Boston Herald]
  • Jean-Francois Jacques has also been suspended. He gets 3 games for elbowing a vagina masquerading as a hockey player. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The Panthers beat the Canucks for the first time in 12 years last night. Twelve years. [Chicago Tribune]
  • After being embarrassed in a 1-0 loss to the Blue Jackets, the Kings rebounded and down the Capitals in convincing fashion. [ESPN LA]
  • Sure, New York has their superstars, but it's the unlikely heros that have the Rangers headed towards a Cup run. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The best and worst of the season's first half. [LA Times]
  • Lightning NHLPA representative Dominic Moore spoke on realignment yesterday. [SBN Tampa Bay]

Other Stuff

Tuesday Video


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