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Blues At Montreal Carey Prices GDT

Jaroslav Halak, back in his red and blue phase.
Jaroslav Halak, back in his red and blue phase.

So that Jaroslav Halak is going to have an interesting night.

You've probably read on the Internets that Halak used to play for the Canadiens. He had some moderate success in the playoffs a few years back, parlayed that into a trade to St. Louis where he signed a lucrative four-year contract and has been the starter, the guy assigned to play weaker competition and now in an almost straight time share with Brian Elliott. The other guy, Elliott, earned the right to start tonight with a shutout Saturday, but Ken Hitchcock is no dummy. He knows Halak has been looking forward to this game in Montreal since the schedule came out in the summer.

As was noted on the site earlier today, former Blues general manager Ron Caron has died. He had been living in an assisted living center in Montreal since suffering a debilitating stroke more than five years ago. The Professor as he was known was first a scout and then later an assistant general manager with Montreal. He was hired in 1983 to take over the Blues under skinflint owner Harry Ornest. He built a low-budget team that was one game from the Cup Finals in 1986 and traded for possibly the best pure goal scorer in NHL history in Brett Hull. I'll have more in the printed version of Game Time for Thursday. Caron was cantankerous, volatile, uneven and unpredictable. He also cared about the Blues as much or more than me or you.

If Lars Eller scores four goals tonight, I will eat my hat.

This is your game day thread. Comment like each curse word is a flowery French adjective or adverb.