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Thursday Links: Elliott Phone Home Edition

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I'm not sure why you guys are all shocked that the Blues only have one All-Star. The team contributes pretty evenly across the board and they don't have any household names that could squeak in with pedestrian numbers (looking at you, Patrick Kane). That has been the case for years now.

Blues News

  • At least the Blues' lone All-Star is Brian Elliott, who has the numbers expected of an All-Star goalie. He also will get to flaunt them in front of his old fans in Ottawa. [Blues]
  • Grachev down, Fairchild up. [PJS]
  • The Canucks are the best team on the road. The Blues are the best team at home. First place in the West is on the line in one of the most important games of this season. [CBC]

NHL/Hockey News

  • The rest of the All-Star roster. [NHL]
  • Another article on the decline of fighting. [USA Today]
  • Sean Avery is toiling with the Whale, but a few teams want him back on waivers, so that they may claim him. [NY Post]
  • Is Jarome Iginla overrated? [Metro Canada News]
  • Is Dion Phaneuf overrated? [Puck Daddy]
  • We were fucking around with this app yesterday on the dub stages. It's so much fun. [Puck Daddy]
  • Calgary tries to extend its home winning streak to 8 tonight. [CBC]
  • Could a trade between the Flyers and Leafs unite the Schenn brothers in Philly? [Toronto Star]

Other Stuff

  • The future of TLC reality shows. [Cracked]
  • Check out this "fuckin' sale" at this Japanese department store. [Gawker]
  • Shit Nobody Says. [Tosh.0]

Thursday Video

The Blues could be in first place tonight? Mind blow.

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