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Saturday Links: BRIGHT LIGHTS! LOUD NOISES! Edition

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You drunk people always make my nights better. Keep it up.

Blues News:

Hockey Stuff:

  • While you're hoping that the Saints and 49ers lose to each other, you can look through a ton of links of hockey superstitions. Maybe come up with a good idea to get both the Saints and 49ers to lose . . . to each other. [Mile High Hockey]
  • DGB's all-star snubs. [Down Goes Brown]
  • As a rule I keep actual political politics out of hockey linkage, especially conspiracy theories. However, I've had several conversations about PM Stephen Harper at a hockey bar. This is hilarious. Take it not-seriously. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Blues are looking for a new owner, but at least they're not as bad off as the Devils. Yikes. [NYPOST]
  • More groin troubles for Mike Green. It's that scooter. It has to be. [Capitals Insider]
  • Aw, getting injured while trying to injure someone else? And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, right, Dan Carcillo? [Puck Daddy]
  • Rick DiPietro: the new Sami Salo [Lighthouse Hockey]

Other Stuff:

  • Spoiler alert: Birthday Gifts this year might be a Brad Lee bobblehead. Anytime something goes wrong with the Blues you can shake the shit out of it. #BradLeeHatesTheBlues #WillNeverDie [Groupon]
  • Sure, this website might be all about decorating, but this, my friends, is a DEATH STAR WATERMELON!!!!!1!!!! I want one for every outdoor BBQ this year. [Apartment Therapy]


This video is pretty old, but hilarious. The Lightning fans should LARP like this before games. It would be way more entertaining than that Lightning bolt they made.

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