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Sunday Links: I didn't see the game last night and apparently, neither did the refs Edition

Judging from everyone . . . EVERYWHERE . . . the refs sucked the big one. If you're still pissed [even with the win], air it out right here, right now. When will this get better?

Blues News:

  • Pouring the glory onto Shattenkirk! Kudos, man. [Post Dispatch]
  • Fairchild assigned to Peoria. [Blues]
  • Everybody is skating! Backes will get a pilot's license! "Rink Tours" galore! I think the GT powers that be should put together a little "choose your own adventure" on which Rink Tour to go to. Post haste boys, that shits tonight. [Post Dispatch]
  • From Spectr17, the half way accolades and Darwin Awards for the season. [CBC Sports]

Hockey News:

  • The Rangers on Sean Avery's "spit-gate" or do we prefer "douche-gate." [Puck Daddy]
  • A review of the hockey movie Goon. It will be better than Tooth Fairy. [Jerseys and Hockey Love]
  • I have a soft spot for rookies, sue me. [NJ]

  • The Catch-22 for Peter Chiarelli. Try to read this in a Boston accent, it's hilarious. [BostonHerald]

Other Stuff:


Ragweed is my favorite flower.

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