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Tuesday Links: Hey Detroit, Look Above You

I have a reputation to uphold as a Bitter Blues Fan. So while the standings mean almost nothing today in mid-January and Detroit is on the Blues' heals with a win for the Wings Monday night anyway, I think it's important to point out that the Blues are tied for the most points in the NHL with the New York Rangers and that the Detroit Red Wings are not. That's just got to get under their skin in the Motor City.

Yeah, I'm bitter. And I hope they play in the playoffs. With Blues having home ice advantage.

So I think this might be the first time I've ever done the links. Ever. I'm not very good at it. I've got some Blues crap. Maybe some random NHL crap. That's about it. I mind find a video. I'm writing this chronologically. You don't know what's coming next. I don't know what's coming next. Let's find out what happens together. Flick announced on Twitter that he was out in the middle of nowhere without the Internet. He works in Hollywood. I bet he's complaining about shitty craft services right now. That's Hollywood talk for catering.

Blues Stuff Goes Here

  • "We knew it was going to be a tight game against this team. They play a lot of low scoring games," said Kari Lehtonen, who stopped 31 of 32 shots. "When we went to the third period we felt pretty good about our game. They kind of took it to the next level, they got the one goal and it was enough today." [ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth]
  • In case you missed it during the broadcast, this is the first time the Blues have been in first place past the 45 game mark of the season since Jan. 14, 2000. We will not be mentioning what happened that postseason. Not once. [BND]
  • T.J. Oshie is not a Chilien miner. [P-D]
Hipchecking Across The League
  • Jaroslav Halak was the No. 1 star for Monday night according to Puck Daddy. No. 2? Some bald-headed goaltender that used to creep people out around here, Chris Mason. Some pretender in Detroit was No. 3. [Puck Daddy]
  • While the Blues have the best home record in the NHL, those pesky Wings, former contenders that they are, are now sporting a 15-game winning streak. That's a franchise record for the Wings (weren't they an expansion club in the early 1990s?). [Winging It]
  • Mike Green for the Caps is out 4-6 weeks with gut surgery. He'll still allow an even strength goal every game on the injured list. [TSN]
  • Sidney Crosby has left the Penguins to see a concussion specialist. Look, I know his whining and his image as golden boy for the league has made him intolerable at times, but he is a fun player to watch on the ice and the guy fucking competes. If he could fight through this, he would. Instead he can't feel well enough to play. And that's bad for hockey and sad for fans. [Post-Gazette]
I know there are people on here who like cats. They're fine. We have a cat in our house. He primarily lives in our basement. We have two dogs. As this video illustrates, dogs are awesome.

Told you.

So those Blues are good, right? Mix it up in the comments.