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Thursday Links: Two Year Tandem Edition

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Let's see more of this tonight.
Let's see more of this tonight.

Extending Elliott? Good move. Having both his and Halak's contract end at the same time? I have a bit of concern there. Discuss in the comments like you actually read the links.

Blues News

  • Two more years of Billy. [NHL]
  • Elliott's extension fits perfectly in the Blues plan for this season and beyond, but what about the other contracts that will soon be expiring for the team? [P-D]
  • The Blues will be getting a boost with the return of Kris Russell and possible return of Alex Steen tonight. [P-D]
  • Will the Blues ever "return to Earth?" This cheesedick discusses. [Crave]
  • Blues on the ice: amazing. Blues in the office: ahem. [ESPN]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores and more. Rene Bourque had to answer the bell against a pissed off Capitals team and Anaheim rolls to three straight wins. [SBN]
  • Brandon Yip has been a Blues-killer when the Avalanche play them, but now he'll be doing it in mustard yellow and in the same division. Yep, he's going to Nashville on waivers. [The Tennessean]
  • Taylor Hall is questionable against the Blues tonight after taking a skate to the face. Check out the aftermath with this photo. [Puck Daddy]
  • The influx of rookies in Chicago is keeping Chicago in the race to first place. [SJ Mercury]
  • Give Barry Trotz credit. He makes a contender out of a team with Shea Weber and a bunch of people I always forget the names of. [NHL]
  • The first-half's quirky facts. [SportsNet]

Other Stuff

  • Brad Lee recommended this Twitter feed to me, so now I'll pass it along to you guys. It's amazing. [Ghetto Hikes]
  • Maddox writes an amazing article on SOPA/PIPA. [Best Page In the Universe]
  • Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy. [NYT]

Thursday Video

Oh girl.

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