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Keep banking points: Blues beat Sabres

I wasn't even home yet when the first text came in asking me if I'd mention tonight in the wrap up that the Blues need to keep their focus on getting two points every game. So, yes, here you go: The Blues have proved, yet again, that they can battle through adversity, keep their focus and go get two points. This new resiliency is giving the Blues an ability to win in a bunch of different ways and all of that is good come the playoffs.

Pointy bullets for your consideration/discussion:

  • The Buffalo Sabres fans and owner must be freaking out right about now. Look at the salaries they are spending on mediocre players and look at the results they are getting from this team and it is hair-pullingly frustrating, I'm sure. When the Blues were lackluster and crappy, at least we could shrug and say, "What do you want from a bunch of AHL-quality guys? At least they aren't breaking the bank on this lot." They have the second-highest payroll, barely over one million bucks in cap space to try to make some trade and 11 (11!) guys who make $3 million or more a season. And for that they get a sloppy game played day in and day out and last place in the division and 14th in the Eastern Conference.
  • As Brad Lee said to me tonight, that first line of David Backes, David Perron and T.J. Oshie was relentless tonight. They somehow made a 200-foot game seem like a 300-foot game. Plus they drove the offense, too, as Backes banked two goals and four points, Oshie added two more points and Perron had a goal and was plus-3.
  • Call me crazy, but I feel like the return of Alexander Steen and Andy McDonald are the team's best bets to get Patrik Berglund and Chris Stewart really humming. We know that Steen could show up any time now, but I was told by someone who witnessed it today that McDonald was skating hard and participating in some spirited battle drills along the boards. Let's all hope that means what we all hope it means.
  • Hey, NHL, do us a favor and keep snubbing Alex Pietrangelo for stuff. Since being left off the All-Star roster, Pietrangelo has been on a mission to show everybody just exactly what up. His point streak reached nine tonight and he added two more assists to his totals (eight goals, 16 assists on the season now). Seriously, someone keep this kid's fire lit.
  • I've heard some dumb stuff in the stands, but the drunk idiot in my section tonight who kept yelling at max volume that Jaroslav Halak should be traded, sucks and must go, really wins a prize of some sort. We all get drunk and say dumb stuff, but man, if that guy was my guest for the night he'd be on probation for life after that performance. Who roots against their team's goalie who is absolutely on fire anyway? That's not even just drunk, that is just dumb.
  • Thank you, Nashville, thanks for nothing, Columbus.
  • For those of you wondering what is up with The Clarence Fund, stop by Monday morning - the information will all be there for you. To those of you who have already contributed here on the site and by stopping me and pressing cash into my hand, I'm truly impressed. You people are the best.

Your turn: who was good, who was bad and how nice was it to see B.J. Crombeen make the right shot at the right time. Comment, baby, comment.