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Sunday Links: Weeners and Limericks Edition

So Hartigan was busy last night and had me, thesystm (@dscoul), cover the links for this Sunday. Not really sure what I'm doing here, but we'll see how this goes. Apparently she promised a limerick in the links? Well, here's one sent from J-Mill

There once was a player named Jackman,
who's the Blues #1 most attacked man.
But he sets a great tone,
he's strong in his zone,
and I tell ya the dude has got sack, man!

Blues news:

  • Blues win, score more than 1 goal, life is good. [stltoday]
  • Backes was a beast on the ice, which apparently is good enough to win the "Weener of the Game" award [twitter]

Hockey News:

  • It was almost a super Saturday [NHL]
  • Danny Briere will be out with a concussion that no one knew about [ProHockeyTalk]
  • I'm sure Zetterberg will receive a $20 max fine for this hit. [puckdaddy]
  • Barry Trotz will gladly take the Blackhawk fans money, well Nashville will anyways. [Examiner]

Video I didn't have anything for this, so hartigan wants a Technoviking video. Here you all go

Basshunter - DotA (HQ) (via UltraRecords)