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Blues Ticket Offer Through TiqIQ

The following is a sponsored post by TiqIQ.

The St. Louis Blues close out their first half tomorrow night with a matchup with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Thanks to "Pick Your Price" from our partners @ TiqIQ you can get into Scottrade tomorrow night fore below face. For the cheapest deal, make an offer of $40 each on two "1-star" tickets and save more than $10 off the full price of each ticket.

If you want to take in the game from some better seats, make an offer of around $70 each on two "3-star" tickets and you can save more than $15 off the total price. As with any "Pick Your Price" offer, this deal comes free of service & shipping fees.

But act fast, this offer ends @ 8 PM ET.

To act on this offer, go to TiqIQ, an official partner of SBNation, the network that hosts St. Louis Game Time.