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Pittsburgh Malkins At St. Louis Blues GDT

One of these guys has felt really stupid the last six weeks.
One of these guys has felt really stupid the last six weeks.

So you'd think that the Pittsburgh Penguins without Sidney Crosby would be pushovers. I mean, he's good, right? In his eight games this season he scored 12 points (none against the Blues in his second game back Nov. 23, a 3-2 overtime winner for St. Louis). And sure, late in December and into January the Penguins lost six games in a row. In a loud and grotesque fashion. And then they flipped the switch. Well, not really they. Evegeni Malkin did. And he's a horse.

Malkin leads the league with 58 points. His 26 goals are tied for third in the league with teammate James Neal (Yes, the former Star whose career high is 27 goals -- check this man's urine for substances, stat). He's had a great season but really turned it on this month. He's riding a six-game goal scoring streak with nine tallies during that stretch. He has two hat tricks on the season and only two other multi-goal games. That means he's scored goals in 20 of the 41 games he's played in this season. Not too shabby, sir. And then when I realize he's only 25, it gets really sickening. Dude has 476 points in 393 games. Sick is what that is.

I think Marc-Andre is the name of my wife's hairstylist. I could be wrong.

The All-Star Brian Elliott gets the start in net as Jaroslav Halak could actually use a breather after getting peppered with shots in Detroit last night and starting multiple games in a row. We'll see what the layoff has done for Elliott's timing.

The Blues have the ability to bounce back and play a strong game. They could also be tired and lose focus against a really good team. I guess that's why they play the games.

This is your game day thread. Comment like every dick joke is your last for a week.