Another Open Letter To Patrik Berglund


Bergie, You know, I've been thinking about last night. Sometimes I say things out of hurt and don't really get across what I truly mean. It's no secret that I thought you haven't been doing your part in the relationship recently and that things really seemed to come to a head last night. After seeing the way you reacted tonight, it really shows me that you do care about our relationship in addition to showing that I was completely wrong to go as "off the handle" as I did. I know things may be a little awkward going forward but you and I both know now that we're both fully committed to this relationship and that the best times are certainly ahead. Even when times get rough, as we both know that it won't be good times all the time, I promise to work on my patience and tolerance as we progress further. Please forgive me and accept my sincerest apology with all my love. -PCS

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