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Wednesday Links: Jackman Eats Boards For Fun Edition

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Blues News

  • Blues lose in the shootout, but gatdamn... that was an entertaining game. [P-D]
  • NBC thinks Barret Jackman hurled his face into the boards to draw a penalty. Fucking... please. [NBC]
  • Wysh thinks Barret Jackman hurled his face into the boards to draw a penalty. Fucking... what? [Puck Daddy]
  • Elliott is ready for All-Star Weekend. [FS-MW]
  • Check out his awesome, commemorative mask for the game. [InGoal Magazine]
  • Chris Porter and Ian Cole will go down to Peoria for the All-Star Weekend to get some playing time in. Ben Bishop will represent the Western Conference in the AHL All-Star Game. [PJS]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Once again, the Central Division has the rest of the league bent over a barrel heading into the All-Star Weekend. [SBN]
  • James Neal will replace Ovechkin this weekend. Backes was deemed "too good" to play in the game. [NHL]
  • Scores from last night. King Kenrik earned his 40th career shutout and the Wild ended a losing streak to hit the break on a high note. [SBN]
  • Due to the injuries of Winnipeg's top players and their lack of talent on the depth chart, they will be without a representative on the All-Star Game roster. The latter needs to change if they want to make the playoffs. [WFP]
  • According to this writer, the lack of star power in the All-Star Game accurately sums up the NHL right now. With Ovi sucking and Crosby out, there's a lack of marketable names. [National Post]
  • DBD takes a look at Zach Parise and his possible availability at the trade deadline. [Defending Big D]
  • Teemu Selanne isn't going anywhere. [Toronto Sun]
  • The city of Glendale is pointing the finger at the NHL for the sluggish sale of the Phoenix Coyotes. [NBC]

Other Stuff

  • Sean Bean dies in every movie (nsfw). [YouTube]
  • 7 albums nobody will buy this year. [Cracked]
  • The janky faces of the State of the Union address. [Buzzfeed]

Wednesday Video(s)

A panda fighting in a post-apocolyptic wasteland.

Wastelander Panda Prologue from Epic Films on Vimeo.

So, my mom was watching "Ellen" and Ellen dared viewers to dance behind people without them knowing. She told my brother to do it and, sure enough, he did. Check out his "Beat It" moves on the Mizzou campus.

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