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Thursday Links: Ain't Nothin' Edition


Blues News

  • The Blues banked points heading into the All-Star break, so naturally, Dan O'Neill opened his article with a reference to the economy. Your leads are the greatest, Dan O'Neill! [P-D]
  • A difficult second half of the season is awaiting the Blues, sending them almost entirely on the road for two months. They will play 11 games total at home in February and March. [KMOV]
  • More second half previewing. [P-D]
  • Ken Hitchcock was on "The Sports Hub" yesterday to talk about the Blues' position in the standings and what the team needs to change to stay there. [KMOX]
  • Andy McDonald thinks Ovechkin is "classless" for skipping out on the ASG. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Detroit got spanked last night in a 7-2 loss to Montreal. Lidstrom sat this game out with the flu. [NHL]
  • Who's going to be picked last tomorrow night at the Fantasy Draft? [New York Times]
  • This weekend, you'll see a few "Science of NHL Hockey" segments during the ASG coverage. These educational clips will be making their way to classrooms soon. [NYT Slap Shot]
  • The Breakaway Challenge event is stupid. Despite all the flair on display, rarely does anybody score. Even against an amateur goaltender. [Puck Daddy]
  • Happy Birthday to Wayne Gretzky! He turns 51 today. [Montreal Gazette]

Thursday Video

This is how I feel about not seeing Blues hockey for, like, 10 days.

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