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Friday Links: ASG Links #1 Edition

My feelings exactly, Mr. Dunn.
My feelings exactly, Mr. Dunn.

I wish I could be like Ovechkin and decline working for the people this all-star weekend. But, I respect and cherish each and almost every single one of you guys.

Blues News:

  • Should they stay or should they go? A trade for a sniper, or let Hitchcock eat cake? [Post Dispatch]
  • If you're not into the All-Star Game, go check out an AHL or any other level of hockey near you. It's all kinds of fun. [Wikipedia]
  • The Rivs are at home! Road trip! And they are playing the Wings AHL team! [Peoria Rivermen]
  • The Blues' ECHL team has a full schedule this weekend. [Alaska Aces]

Hockey News:

  • All-Star first and last picks, plus the roster and predictions all in one place! Links are done. [Puck Daddy]
  • Even though this article is already out of date, the preview for All-Star roster picks is kind of funny. [Grantland]
  • MOAR ALL-STAR STUFF: That's already out of date. #PickPhilPhirst [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Factual: Chris Kunitz is completely underrated by everyone but me. AND I think Tyler Kennedy will sign with the Stars, which is not part of this article at all. [PensBurgh]
  • "The Science of NHL Hockey" it's a TV show about the science of NHL hockey. Sorry, I'm snarky. Because I don't have the excuse to watch Blues hockey for another week, I have to spend all weekend at house music concerts. Apparently it's payback for my overzealous zeal for hockey. [NYTimes]


The theme for the weekend videos is BIRTHDAYS! I can't top Flick's skill at finding ridiculous videos, and my musical taste is lacking. Therefore using this site*, I'm going to share with you songs from the past.

SLGT's date of birth is November somethingth 2005. Here is the number one song in the US for that day. Fitting? Yes. If you ask GTAnswerMan he will tell you he WROTE that song. I believe it.

And now for the number 1 song in the UK. I know for a fact that this is THE karaoke song for Gallagher and Brad Lee. They've even recorded it into a duet. I'm pretty sure the next issue of GT will have a sound chip with their single.

* I used that year because it's the year Donut King was born.

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