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Not Long For Phoenix Coyotes @ Blues GDT

Hello 2012! The Blues apparently are trying to cause damage to my marriage by playing nine of 11 games in January at home. The front page of underground fan-run hockey publications don't just write themselves, dammit. And neither do these game day threads that no one reads.

Way back last year on Dec. 23 the Blues played the Coyotes and in that GDT that you didn't read, I had a note to Atlanta Thrashers fans saying it must suck to be without a team while the franchise in Phoenix is still owned by the NHL. As that debacle drags on, apparently the league is talking to some groups in Seattle. As the Puck Daddy writes, the city is the 12th largest TV market in the country, on spot ahead of Phoenix. There's some minor league hockey history. The city's other winter sport left for Oklahoma City. And it's so close to Vancouver, the rivalry would be fun. Grungy too, I would imagine. So look at the pretty desert-colored jerseys for a little while longer before they become Pacific Northwest Green. Or maybe Kansas City red (which would be fun for us in St. Louis).

Vladimir Sobotka returns from injury tonight. Alexander Steen will not. The goalie carousel spins and lands on Jaroslav Halak. Interesting stretch of games coming up. Oilers in town Thursday. Vancouver soon after. And then it's home game after home game. I'll be sleeping on the couch before the All-Star break. But you don't care. You come here for a few jokes, a few videos of puppies running through a living room.

This is your game day thread. Comment like every witty comment will help heal concussions everywhere.