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Tuesday Links: Late Lunch Edition


I don't like late lunches... or long periods of time when the Blues don't play.

Blues News

  • The only blues we're singing are the "why do we have to wait until Friday" blues. [Kamloops This Week]
  • Andy McDonald has shed his red, no-contact jersey in practice. [P-D]
  • More Elliott love. [NHL]
  • Our Red Wing "friends(?)" preview the remainder of the season for the contending Central Division teams. That means everybody but Columbus. [Winging It In Motown]
  • Tom Stillman is still on track to buy the Blues. [SBN STL]
  • Ben Bishop (yes, a goalie) was named the MVP of the AHL All-Star Game. [Blues]
  • David Backes flew 700 miles to rescue three strays. The man loves dogs. [FOX2]

NHL/Hockey News

  • With the All-Star Game in the books, the trade deadline is the next big event on the NHL calendar. Who will make moves? [SBN]
  • 12 names who will be trade bait for the next month. [CityNews Toronto]
  • Is Jeff Carter untradeable? [Puck Daddy]
  • Nobody's really worried about getting a new CBA finished. [SBN]
  • The Devils and Islanders will play the first NHL game in Brooklyn during next year's pre-season. [Bloomberg]
  • Conference breakdowns. [Eastern] [Western]

Other Stuff

Tuesday Video

I need one of these dog assistants.

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