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Blues Pick Up Big Comeback Win, Two Important Points

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What a comeback, eh?

I'll be perfectly honest with you guys, while the rest of you were watching the Blues play the first 50 minutes of hockey, I was listening to talks of budgets and taxes and all sorts of fun stuff at my Clark Kent job. It sucked.

I was tracking the game online and via the Twitters and for a while, it seemed like one of those nights I was glad I wasn't able to tune in. I kept reading tweets about dodgy officiating and I saw a 1-0 lead turn south quickly as the Blues kept filling up the sin bin.

Then the third period happened and, whoa, did the Blues take charge. The Blues scored three goals (two on the power play) and came away with two important points. Brad and Gallagher—who can't write this because HE'S at his Clark Kent job—both said how important it is for the Blues to beat the teams the Blues are supposed to beat. Edmonton is one of those teams so, no matter how the Blues got there, a win sure is nice.

I promised Gallagher I would include bullet points, so bullet points I shall include.

  • I wrote in the paper today that Jaroslav Halak seems to be taking the No. 1 spot back. After the paper came out online, Jeremy Rutherford had something something similar on the PD website. He gave up three goals, but seemed to play well. He still scares me sometimes—too many posts for my liking—but he's supposed to be the guy and it's nice he's playing like the guy.
  • How 'bout that David Backes, eh? He looked like a god damn beast in the third. A goal and a dime and just all around badass play. Ladies and gents, take a look at the Blues token All Star.
  • I'm going to ignore the Alex Pietrangelo play in the third where he allowed Ben Eager to hit the best. Outside of that, my man crush grows. A goal and assist for the d-man will do that. Ladies and gents, take look at the Blues All Star of the future.
  • In NBA Jam parlance, Chris Stewart is heating up. He's playing with Backes and David Perron (who looks just filthy out there right now) and is playing hard. I don't think you're allowed to float with Backes on the ice, mostly because he just makes shit happen.
  • Did I miss anything? Fill me in in the comments. What happened on the Roman Polak play?

Third period come backs, no matter who you beat, are great. This is a team that's doing special things and it's fun as hell to watch.

And just because I feel like celebrating (note: this isn't me):