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Colorado Erik Johnsons At Blues Game Day Thread

That headline is kind of misleading. I don't give a shit about Erik Johnson anymore. And while I'm at it, it's spelled Eric. What, were your parents threatened with dolphin rape to change the spelling of your name? I know when I had my two kids, my goal was to make them sound more European. I bet he likes soccer more than football too.

It's not like I have a lot of ill will towards Mr. Johnson. I mean, he was the team's only first overall draft pick ever. The Blues put their faith in him instead of a guy like Jonathan Toews or Phil Kessel and they were rewarded with a second season in the NHL spent partially on crutches and none on the ice because of some drunken injury that he tried very poorly to cover up with some sort of "I stepped wrong getting out of a golf cart and tore my knee ligaments. I've been totally fucking blasted on the course before. My biggest injury was my pride after I missed the golf ball. Little thing is hard to hit when you see three of them.

No, I don't have hard feelings. Just ready to move on. Admit that he was a disappointment here, didn't live up to his potential. All that.

The Avalanches played last night, a 4-0 shutout win at Chicago. Thanks! Of course that was probably easier than it looked. The Hawks have lost three in a row and four of their last five. About fucking time, fuckers. Not that any Hawks fans would be reading a GDT for Blues-Avs.

Word around the camfire is that the goalie wheel of fortune has landed on Brian Elliott. Good for him. He gets a home game, his first after four straight road games, and an opponent that's not Detroit, his foe his last two games. The Russian Avs goalie got the shutout last night. He could start again. The French Canadian could start. Will it matter? Settle in and we'll find out.

It's chilly today compared to 70 degrees in St. Louis on an early January day yesterday. This is your game day thread. Comment like every dick joke turns back the tide of Global Warming.