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SB Nation Format Tweaks: You Asked, They Listened

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A heads up to folks who have had concerns about SB Nation's new layout launch: the questions, comments, and complaints have been taken to heart.

Bruce Bennett

I realize, as do the people at SB Nation who really matter, that there have been complaints with the new layout, or at the very least questions and concerns. It's a work in progress, so here's the progress that's been done. All of this's new as of this morning:

- Increased the amount the number of recommended and recent FanPosts on the homepage
- Changed the styles to improve scanning of FanPosts and FanShot headlines and new comments on the homepage
- Added author bylines on Articles in the cover
- Added indicator if articles or features are from another SB Nation site when placed on the homepage
- Added article headline to comments on user profile recent activity list for better reply context
- Reinstated the ability for users to add polls to FanPosts
- Reinstated accurate comment counts on StoryStream updates in the cover
- Reinstated ability for authors to add custom captions to photos
- Trending Stories are now relevant to league of the team or sport the blog covers
- Fixed issue with Shift-A keyboard shortcut for comments not working properly in large threads
- Fixed issue with logos that break out of the circle getting cropped
- Fixed issue where new comment count was incorrect on FanShots posted from another site
- Fixed issue with filters not working on FanShot index page
- Fixed Facebook login issues
- Improved visibility of next and previous arrows on photo galleries
- Added correct author names to the FanPosts page
- Mobile optimization improvements

So there we go. It's not reverted back to the original format -- that won't happen -- but it is a nice list of improvements for everyone. As more issues get uncovered, they'll be fixed.