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Blues Captain David Backes Goes HAM on Pinterist

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You have to be a man with no self-doubts to go world-wide with your current additions to Pinterist. Either that or just let your wife link her account to your Twitter account.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

We all know that David Backes is all that is man; after all he is the captain, points-leader and go-to guy for the Blues. Plus, he punched the Blackhawks' captain, Jonathan Toews until he vomited once. He has a twitter account, with over 21,000 followers, which he uses mainly to promote his work with animal shelters and charity events.

And then, last night, this happened:

Actually, there was a first tweet, since deleted, to some animal picture. This second Pinterist tweet came after Backes let his followers know that his wife, Kelly, (who we all know is a saint) had linked her Pinterist account to David's Twitter account:

I'm pretty sure that the Blues captain is more than secure enough to take the razzing he'll surely be getting from his Blues teammates when this inevitably comes up, but it begs the further question: What would the other Blues Pin for their followers to check out?

Somehow I doubt David Perron and T.J. Oshie would be trading recipes for lemon poppy-seed pancakes or that Andy McDonald share "funny" pictures of the homeless....

And yet, it's intriguing, no? What would the other Blues players pin? Your guesses in the comments, please.