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The NHL Lockout: Just End Already, Will You?

This inanity's dragging on a bit too long, isn't it? Just end and give us back the Blues.

Harry How

Kevin Shattenkirk left today for Finland. Jaroslav Halak left last week for Germany. All they'd like to do is play hockey; it's funny to read that, because all we'd like to do is watch hockey. Of course, we can't, because the lockout's gone into it's billionth or so week with no end in sight. I'm getting tired of it. Not in a "God damn it, hockey! I hate you so much! No more NHL EVAR" kind of way, but just in a resigned way that borderlines on apathy. Every time I hear about the CBA talks heading south, or every time I read a dismissive interview from Bill Daly or Gary Bettman, I'd like to drop kick both of them halfway to the moon.

It's not ending anytime soon, folks, so you might as well get it out -- go on, air those upcoming Festivus Grievances in the comments. I don't have a Festivus pole, but I'm sure that someone can find one somewhere.

Things that annoy me other than no hockey in general? How about the fact that the Blues were on the upswing big time -- even picked to finish first in the West by The Hockey News -- and now that upswing has done swung by. Who knows if they come roaring out of the gate when this thing's over. After the last lockout, the Blues were terrible for quite a bit of time. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't scared of that happening again.

I'm annoyed that I have to watch Vladimir Tarasenko do amazing stuff on a crappy KHL feed. I'm also annoyed that I don't speak Russian, because I'd love to hear the praise that they're probably directing Tank's way.

I'm annoyed that whenever I want to watch the Rivermen I get treated to the Bad News Bears on ice, and I'm annoyed that the problem hasn't been fixed yet. 6-9-2-1 isn't exactly a line I'd like to see. Sure, they're improving a teeny bit, but I can't tell if they're playing better or if that's just adjustment to the mean. They got stomped Saturday night by the Grand Rapids Griffins, so take from that what you will.

I miss having game day threads filled with puppies and profanity. I miss there being stuff to write about and stuff for you guys to read and discuss. I miss my hobby, and I miss you.

And I really, really wish that this thing ends sooner rather than later.