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Tuesdays With Hildy: If You Had A Chance, What Would You Ask David Backes?

David Backes was part of a trio of NHLPA members who participated in a Reddit AMA, or Ask Me Anything, yesterday. Lockout questions were asked, but some other ones were a little more personal in nature. If you had a chance, what would you ask David Backes?

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, David Backes, Kevin Westgarth, and Mathieu Schneider all participated in an AMA on /r/hockey (more specifically, it was on /r/AmA). They were there to answer questions pertaining to the NHL Lockout, but of course, not all of the questions were on-topic. Backes answered a good chunk of the questions for fans, and had some pretty good answers. My favorite:

Q: David Backes, you dismantled Team Canada with your fists prior to the 2012 Olympics. Given that you have a very particular set of skills. Skills that you have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a nightmare for people negotiating on the other side of the CBA...Can you unleash Inglorious Backes before it's too late and get us our hockey back?!

A: While the ideas that you present seem to be out there, I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations. And these skills you talk about are not very useful in a board room, let alone one fully occupied by lawyers!

Wait a cotton pickin' minute... you're saying fisticuffs are out? Damn. At least Backes has his noggin to work with -- he studied engineering at the University of Minnesota, and is working towards a degree in applied organizational studies with a nonprofit emphasis. Good choice for someone who saves puppies as a hobby.

So, Blues fans, if you guys had the chance to ask David Backes anything you wanted, what would it be, and why?