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Blues' Mascot Louie Nominated For Major Award

We all love our giant, blue, pantsless bear. Now's our chance to vote him into being the mascot of the year. Have fun with some lockout ballot-box stuffing.

Bruce Bennett

I know that the lockout's a draw on our morale as fans. When the Blues're having a bad game, who do we count on to lift our morale? Other than Mr. Jack Daniels, or maybe Samuel Adams, there's our mascot, Louie. Owner of one of the best mascot Twitter accounts out there, Louie has been featured in some great in-arena entertainment gems, such as this one, where he scares the hell out of team employees with a t-shirt gun:

Heck, you can even play him in NHL 13. Apparently mascots kill time during the lockout just like we do!

Anywho, Louie has been recognized for his excellence by being nominated for a Cartoon Network Most Awesome Mascot Award. He's the NHL's representative, meaning he's beaten out mascot luminaries such as Iceburgh and Bailey. To win the award, though, he has to get enough fan votes.

To vote, go to and stuff the ballot box. Are we, as adult hockey fans, really bored enough to do something like this? Of course. Sure, it's just a mascot award, but hey, it's still cool to see our big fuzzy mascot getting random national attention.

If there's reward money, do you think he buys a pair of pants?