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University of Missouri/Blues Alumni Game Has Best Press Release Ever

About the only things missing from the press release are the words "EXTREME!" and "AWESOME!" It reads like a Powerthirst ad for college hockey versus old-timers in a rec league game, and that's fantastic.

Flickr user mitchell3417

It's been rough with no Blues hockey to watch thanks to the lockout, but that doesn't mean that the old-timers aren't out there making the community rounds. On January 18th, they'll be playing the University of Missouri hockey team in what will amount to a beer league game, because no one wants to embarrass Jon Casey.

The press release for the event is tremendous. I totally get wanting to pump up the event, as its proceeds go back to the Missou team and to the Blues Alumni association. But wow, the opening paragraph:

INDEPENDENCE, MO. (December 19, 2012) – Independence Events Center announced Wednesday an unprecedented hockey match up will take on Friday, January 18 at 7:05 p.m. when the University of Missouri’s Mizzou Hockey takes on the St. Louis Blues Alumni Hockey Association in an exhibition hockey battle like no other. The "2013 MO HOCKEY SHOWDOWN" presented by Silverstein Eye Centers takes the collegiate Hockey Border Showdown of years past to a whole new level of athletic competition. This year’s showdown at the events center will give Missouri hockey fans the opportunity to see some of the best former NHL players in Missouri history as they challenge the University of Missouri’s Mizzou Hockey on the ice. Scheduled St. Louis Blues Alumni players include Bruce Affleck, Jon Casey, Darren Pang, Larry Patey, Bob Plager, Jamie Rivers, Tom Tilley, Tony Twist, John Wensink and Terry Yake.

I don't know about you guys, but when I think "20-something year old college hockey players versus NHLers who are 40 years older and up," I don't think a whole new level of athletic competition. I think of time-outs for people to catch their breath and a potentially lop-sided scoring game.

But hey, it's hockey, and we're taking what we can get. For anyone in the Mizzou area, ticket information can be found on the press release's web site. If you go, let us know how long Casey lasts before getting switched out for Panger.