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Friday Links: The Blues have no need for trades nor losses to Eastern Conference opponents edition

Weekend Mom decided to get delayed at the airport so you get some old ass Links vet who is way past him prime, not unlike last night's Devils goaltender. Wait, you mean it wasn't Brodeur that started for them? Meh, the hell with it.

Blues News:

  • The Blues did the smart/obvious thing and stated that they aren't in absolute need of making a trade. I'm sure that'll make the other GM's weak at the knees as they ante up their franchise cornerstones to get their hands on a shiny, new Ben Bishop. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Friday dawns upon us with the Blues sitting 3 points back of Detroit. [Standings]

NHL News:

  • It's reasonable to assume that Mike Babcock won't be tolerant of any Red Wings telling the general public about the universe... [Puck Daddy]
  • ...because the Wings/Leafs Winter Classic was officially announced. [TSN]
  • Scott Gomez scored. I'll type it again: Scott Gomez scored. [Puck Daddy]
  • It's still a while before Deadline Day is here, but it's not too early for someone to start looking for a link to use so we can all waste that day together. So, y'know, someone get to lookin', dammit. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • From the lore of the Game Time e-mail, BluesFanFromNE sends in the concept of the Bacon Milkshake. If you already knew about this, you needed a reminder. [Yahoo]
  • Cracked tackles game show tricks in this entry. [Cracked]


I've never seen a video of a tortoise eating stuff in fast forward, so I posted a video of a tortoise eating stuff in fast forward. I hope he knows Torty.

Stay tuned for a simple question from Brad Lee.

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