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St. Louis Blues Hosting Colorado Avalanche Game Wrap: Mad Libs Edition

Welcome to the post game coverage of the Blues hosting the Avalanche tonight at the Drinkscotch Center in beautiful and chilly downtown St. Louis.

The game is over and we have no idea who won. You see we have a weird hobby along with this website. A few of us work long hours for absolutely little to no pay to publish a game day magazine/program/newspaper that we sell outside every home game. Try us, you'll like us. And you see, there's a game Sunday night. At home. We're swamped.

So to give you all a chance to congregate after the game and hopefully get your creative juices flowing, we decided to do a rare Mad Libs edition of the post-game wrap. We'll give you the structure and you fill in the blanks. Extra Schrutebucks to the more creative responses in the comments

Here we go.

What a _______ (adj) game for the St. Louis Blues tonight as they ______ (beat/lost to) the Colorado Avalanche _____ (score). The Blues totally dominated the _______ (noun) tonight in the game leading to the final outcome which was _______ (adj).

If I had to narrow it down to just one play of the game, I'd say it was _________ (player name) when he _______________ (free reign on this one). It was _________ (adj). I must say, I was surprised when ________ (player) on the _________ (Blues/Avs) took the puck and ___________ (verb) it. That was a __________ (adj) moment.

For Colorado, I thought Erik Johnson was ________ (adj). I'm _________ (adj) he's gone. No really, I am.

This game reminded me of a ___________ (noun).

That's all for me. I'm off to ______________ (verb) with __________ (person) at the ___________ (place).


Remember, be creative.