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Sunday Links: Powerful Power Play Edition

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WINNER of the dance off is Mr. TJ Oshie. I know, I'm shocked as well.
WINNER of the dance off is Mr. TJ Oshie. I know, I'm shocked as well.

Most games that title would only be appropriate for April Fools, but Perron had 2 PP goals. Is this real life?

Blues News:

  • Winner Winner Very Annoying Autoplayed Video Chicken Dinner. [Post Gazette]
  • Goalie tandem. Elliott quotes. No "superstar." This Blues team is special. [BND]
  • St. Louis Blues forward Andy McDonald could return from a concussion as early as Sunday night at home against the San Jose Sharks. [USATODAY]
  • Hitchcock is no spring chicken, but he's out to prove younger coaches ain't got nothin' on him. []
  • More hockey! Blues host Sharks tonight! [Post Dispatch]
  • Fear The Fin: Currently accepting bids to purchase their souls. [FTF]

Central Division Update:

  • How much nurturing should a vet give to a rookie? Or should the rookie magically adapt to pro-level hockey? Does a strong team off the ice translate to a better team on ice? Or is it every man for himself when the trade deadline is looming? [The Cannon]

  • The Blue Jackets: Same story, different week. “The way our season has gone, I expected that puck to kind of hit the post and lay in the crease,” Blue Jackets interim coach Todd Richards said. [The Washington Post]

  • OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Chicago is reeling. Just downward spiraling. And the fans are a mess. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • ESPN + Jeremy Roenick + Blackhawks = Hartigan didn't read it, but still recommends it. [ESPN]
  • Detroit is looking to win its 20th consecutive home game against the Flyers. Here's hoping they lose in regulation. [MLive]
  • Ever since Jeff Fisher agreed to coach the Rams, I've been in so much denial about Nashville that I honestly blocked out the existence of the Predators ... and the rest of the state. [The Tennessean]


Fun Fact: there is a rugby team in Virginia that uses a former teammates prosthetic leg to "shoot the boot," I find the hockey one much more disturbing.

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I'm going to go watch The Bodyguard today. The Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston one not the Petchtai Wongkamlao one. Although . . .