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St. Louis Blues Have Valentine's Day Gift For Blue Jackets; GDT

B.J. Crombeen says "Be Mine."
B.J. Crombeen says "Be Mine."

The names of these two teams are about all the Blues and Blue Jackets have in common right now.

For the team from St. Louis, the squad is getting healthier (somewhat) with the return of Andy McDonald to the roster on Sunday. The Blues have won four games in a row and remain in a wrestling match for the top of the division as well as the conference. If the Blues have any money laying around at the end of the month, they might even make a trade to add a player. You know, if.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets have all sorts of buyer's remorse for the Jeff Carter acquisition (12 goals and eight assists is totally respectable, you guys), they've fired their head coach and didn't get a bump in the standings like the Blues (5-9-1 since Scott Arniel was fired) and the face of the franchise - literally the best player to ever wear the uniform who is signed for a lot of years and a lot of money - is now officially on the trade block in Rick Nash. At least all those Ohio State fans who don't like basketball and who are biding their time waiting for spring football practice have next year's All-Star Game to look forward to.

Here' the bottom line: the Blues have 34 wins; the Blue Jackets have 34 losses. If the division could vote a team off the island, the Jackets' torch would have been extinguished long ago.

One note on possible trades you might be daydreaming about. While Nash would look like a beast in a Bluenote, don't get your pipe dreams warmed up. There's no way the Blue Jackets would trade him in the division. They may be stupid, but they're not that stupid. At least I don't think so.

I don't know who the starting goaltender is for the Blues, but I'd think Jaroslav Halak will get a chance. He recorded the team's league leading 11th shutout of the season on Sunday and Halak's fifth in his last 10 games. Uh, play him more, please?

That's it. That's all you need to know. Hopefully the Blues keep the Jackets from firing that dang cannon several times. This is your game day thread. Comment like you have a couch to set fire to in the street after a football game with Michigan.